300 & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

YTTC 300/500 hours residential Teacher training program has RYS certification with E-RYP faculty.

Neo yoga Center offers the Level II Yoga Training Course (500 Level/300 hours). This course is designed to build the fundamentals, which are offered in a basic Level I training course. Upon these foundations we can then take our yoga to higher and deeper levels through an immersion in yoga practice. The Level II course will establish a more solid and comprehensive experience of yoga and a more complete understanding of the methods and philosophies behind the practices with an aim on personal growth and transformation.

Now offering specialized 300 hour yoga teacher training course in India.

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300 hour Yoga teacher training in Goa 2018

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Including accommodation, food, mates and supporting tools provided. Advance registration conformation Fees : Euros 250 single applicant | Euro 400 for 2 applicants.
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How to reach The Whispering Lakes, Dando Arambol beach ,Goa

The best way is to fly to Goa from Mumbai or from Delhi. In winter time there are so many charter flights coming directly to Goa but that you have to see for your convenience.

From Doblim Goa air port there are AC/NON AC cars are available on prepaid basis you can rely on them by paying them advance out side of the air-port. It May cost 1500 to 1600 approx. INR to The Whispering Lakes, Dando Arambol beach, Goa

Please note
In order to take a level 2 ‘500 hour’ certification, one has to have completed the Level 1 ‘200 hour’ course. This ‘500 hour’ course will then add another 300 hours to your experiencce to make a grand total of 500 hours. This course is not 500 hours of yoga! It is more like about 260 hours of class time with 40 hours  of individual work

The primary goal of the 300 yoga teacher training course is to explore the yogic techniques and practices so that the students develop a real and genuine experience. The practices of yoga in considered more than just the minds this helps to give real knowledge of yoga and a better platform to transform ones style and life. This transformation is the fundamental goal of all yoga, but it can only happen when we invest our energy and attention into the practice of it. The advantage of the 6 week workshop is that we can truly establish a regular, steady practice and make the most of our yoga experience.

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The goal of this 300 hour teacher training is to know our “own self”. By knowing ourselves, our habits, patterns, minds and hearts can we really implement a lasting and profound change within us. The course will help the students to grow as individuals, in our own unique way and be a better person in society and a learned teacher in yoga. Apply Now

Basic Elements of the 300/500 Yoga teacher training course

The course will follow the principles of deepening more on the techniques and styles of yoga, thus, each day the students will have a basic subject of exploration. As an example, one day will focus on intensity, another on softness, another on strength and core power, hip opening, mental concentration and so on as we proceed to more inside of yoga. By focusing on specific subjects, we will actually make progress in our practice and advance in both yoga practice and life itself.

300 hour yoga teachers course india300 hour teacher traininf

We follow the flowing hatha principles where we do not push our students to higher limits but gradually and by soft techniques. The approach is one of a gradual building of intensity and we make sure the basics is established so that we can proceed further from there. These include the various arm balances, headstand variations, backbends, deep twists, etc.

The center takes utmost care to avoiding injuries caused by improper yoga practice by the students. Students with less experience practice the poses that need to be worked on by them as individuals. We work to create personal wisdom, so that we can be our own teachers and practice intelligently.

Our yoga center excels in the practice of breath / pranayama by developing of breath-based practice and the experience of this system through years. We will be developing regular patterns of breath exercises, which are called pranayamas. Breath practice only works if it is done consistently, on a daily basis. Each day in the training, we will practice the development of the breath and the energy body with both simple and challenging techniques.  Once the students learn how to keep the breath regular, they start to work with pranayama breath patterns. These helps to expand the energetic bodies and intensify concentration.

Mantra Chanting and Fire Ritual
The course also focuses on mantra chanting & practice. mantra chanting are integral part of level I 200 hour yoga course which are used as aids to energetic development and meditation. In level II we intensify the mantra practice by learning some more difficult and interesting chants along with practicing the Level I system also. In between we will offer fire based ritual called “homa” that is based on mantra chanting.

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Philosophy & Concepts in the Course
In the 300/500 hour yoga teachers course we will broaden our scope and explore the philosophy of Hatha yoga, Gyan yoga,Bhankti yoga, Ayurveda (Indian medicine),the philosophy of Patanjali and other related subjects.

The course will also study Ayurveda, the Indian medical system, which is very useful to the practice of yoga in that it helps us be become more balanced and healthy in our lives. Throughout all of these subjects, the course will develop our knowledge of Sanskrit words and concepts, which is critical to the comprehension of yogic concepts and practices.

 You – as a yoga teacher

As the name suggests “Yoga teacher training”, the initial goal of this course in to develop “you” as a perfect & learned yoga teacher who can then develop and spread yoga to the world. The personal work of yoga practice is the best way to prepare to teach yoga classes, but we will also look more deeply into methods of teaching. During the course we will practice aspects of yoga teaching on each other, which will include planning and teaching classes and sequences, using props and aids and helping students to modify poses so that they can get the most out of the practices.

300 hour yoga certification

Upon successful completion of the 300/500 hour yoga teacher training course, our students will receive the prestigious “yoga Alliance” certificate and the students will be entitled as a registered yoga teacher. In order to be a registered yoga teacher, one must apply to an official body of yoga such as Yoga Alliance or the equivalent in your country.

We cordially welcome and invite students from all levels, any country, caste or creed. We are not bound by any boundaries and we treat each person as our own brother and sisters. What we teach and deliver is “harmony, peace & love” to our every student and in turn expect them to forward these to their students.

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