Pranayama and Meditation retreat wellness Inn

 North Goa India

This a unique opportunity to Join residential and non residential retreat.

Breath have a Major role in our life, with our breath no Human life is possible. Life to sustain there are two major component are needed one is Space and Air. Air { Prana } to move with in needs space but any kind of Negative emotion or stress controls,  the free movement of our breath.

In Intensive Pranayama retreat Syllabus-

1.Introdection to pranayama { five Major Prana }

2.Awakening the Prana

3.Scanning , rotating and moving prana to reorganize to correct the imbalance

4.Pranique pathway and physical understanding.

5.Classical Yoga Posture to open the body in order to reach the prana.

6.Active mediation,

7.five element { PunchMahabhutSadhana } Practice

Date From

14th – 20th January 2017

Contribution- 700 Euro


Arrival date 14th January 2017 at 4 pm

Closing at 11.30 Am 20th January 2017

To book you spot Please contact


Wellness Inn

Ashwem beach

North Goa-402527

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Prize does not incudes accommodation.



Dr. bittu