2 weeks Yoga retreat in Berlin, Germany from 2nd Oct to 16 Oct 2016

Two weeks Intensive Yoga Training with Akhilesh Bodhi and Kerstin Linnetz – Join Now >

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The yoga teacher training lasts one month  (divided into two modules / 2 weeks)  and includes the following points:

  • Yogasana  (poses)
  • Advanced  asanas  from Hatha Yoga tradition
  • Advanced Techniques of  asanas and by Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga
  • Human anatomy: the skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system
  • Anatomy and physiology in relation to Yoga: prevention of disease, etc.
  • The different layers of the human body  (Koshas)
  • Pranayama – various breathing techniques  (eg Kumbhaka & Kapalabhati)
  • Meditation  (Chakra Meditation, Kundalini meditation, guided meditation from the Vedas and other dynamic meditations)
  • Raja Yoga  (mental training and meditation to make full use of the human psyche: subconsciousness, consciousness and super-consciousness)
  • Yoga Nidra  (progressive relaxation)
  • Science of chakra system  (energy centers)
  • Nutrition: yogic nutrition principles that 3 Gunas etc.
  • Ayurveda : type-specific diet, the different doshas etc.
  • Bandhas  (energy locks)
  • Mudras  (yogic gestures as mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
  • Trataka  (concentrated view)
  • Bhakti Yoga:  bhajans, Satsang Kirtan
  • The eight stages of yoga by  Patanjali
  • The different paths, directions and Yoga Masters
  • Yoga philosophy:  Bhagavat Gita  lessons and  Vedanta  Study
  • practical teaching methodology: concrete, individual corrections for teaching

The course is suitable for students of all levels. Prerequisite is a basic knowledge of  yoga asanas  and an average fitness and health. After completion of both modules of training with passing the exam, participants receive the  Yoga Alliance recognized certificate YTTC 200 Hours RYS.

akhilesh bodhi best yoga teacher in indiaAkhilesh Bodhi  is a wonderful teacher, who also has a big heart and infinite wisdom refreshing addition to its comprehensive knowledge on yoga. With its decades of experience and its authentic background he brings the “real” Spirit of Yoga in the courses. He grew up in India with Yoga and at the same time very modern, since he has trained in the past years, countless Western students from around the world and is regularly invited to Europe to conduct workshops there. This combination is as precious as rare.
(Student feedback see HERE)

best yoga teacher in indiaKerstin Linnartz  knows Akhilesh for many years. Your own 17 years of experience and some training of teachers in the US, India and Europe, as well as the intensive study of various techniques and sciences in terms of yoga, health and care she likes to share. Since it worldwide to date hundreds of students and classes has also taught all levels, it can give concrete instructions to teach, which is much appreciated by the graduates of the training. Their years of experience on stage and in front of TV cameras flow positive in the classroom, since future  be better yoga teachers  learn not only comprehensive theory, but also practical tips on how they themselves transport their students the best possible content. (Feedback see HERE)

Common to both is that they consider Yoga not solely as a physical sport, but as a holistic science of “man system” and pass it in their classes as well. They combine several styles of yoga with influences from  BKS Iyengar, Sivananda and Pattabi Jois and modern western Yoga likes of  David Life  and  Sharon Gannon.
The aspects of yoga that “not on the mat” to take place, such as nutrition, philosophy and ethics, will find an important place and should be basic tools of any good yoga teacher. Its proximity to the source of yoga and the close relationship with India ancient yogic practices like meditation and breathing are taught very authentic and give future  be better yoga teachers this very authenticity.

After successful completion of the entire training is possible at  Yoga Retreats be better  to assist or as  be better yoga teachers  to teach in future projects. However, this is no guarantee, at the discretion of the instructor.

Exemplary daily routine:

  • 06:30: Meditation / Kriya
  • 08:00: Yoga asana
  • 10:00: Breakfast
  • 11:00: Chanting
  • 12:00: Ayurveda / Patnjali Yoga Sutra / Anatomy
  • 13:00: Lunch / Karma Yoga / Leisure
  • 16:00: Yoga asana / pranayama / Unterrichtsmethodik
  • 19:00: Dinner
  • 20:00: Satsang, Question & Answer Session

There are one and a half day per week at leisure / Self Study and play. Participation in the full program is compulsory for obtaining the certificate. Classes are held in German and English.