Yoga students reviews about our yoga teacher training

Here are few Yoga students reviews and testimonials about our various Yoga teacher training in India and abroad. Please feel free to read and let us know if you liked the reviews. We also request our past students who have graduated from Neo Yoga to please send us few words as their review and the same shall be placed in this section.. many thanks !

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MikealMy experience at the Kura Kura yoga retreat at Bali was fantastic. It was so rewarding and a true source of energy. Akhilesh is a man of integrity. He is such a warm person with whom I got a real connection. I felt one hundred percent safe in his presence, both in the personal context and during yoga. His guidance let’s you go deeper into yoga practice. Akhilesh and the energy of the group gave the retreat an unexpected sense of purpose with our mutual journeys. Kura Kura is a perfect location for a retreat. There are few temptations in the surroundings and the environment is beautiful and very calm. Also, the food was amazing and gave extra depth to the experience.

Claudia Reekers – Amsterdam, Holland (30th March 2014)

claudiaMy teacher training with Akhilesh was so wonderful and inspiring! I very much enjoyed his classes about yoga, yoga philosophy and life. His wisdom made it complete, and gave amazing insights. Beautiful how he combines old knowledge from the east and the busy lives from the west. Choose joy and pleasure, I can recommend it to everybody! Thank you Akhilesh for the great lessons, that are still in my mind. Hope we will meet again! Namaste.

Mikaela Lexell, Sweden (7th January 2015)

Sarah-HollyWords cannot express what this month in India meant to me and how much I enjoyed every second. I really want to thank you Akhilesh from the bottom of my heart for what you gave to me – your wisdom, your chants, your laughs . I came to the YTTC to intensify my yogic knowledge and yes I extended my knowledge but what really happened was that the more I learned about yoga, the more I learned about myself. The YTTC was really unique, with an amazing group of teacher, a really hearty group of yogis and the wonderful Whispering Lake next to the Goan beach with its wonderful sunsets. A one-in-a-lifetime experience!

Sarah Holly –  Germany

Mariana-HuberBefore I came to India I was curious and I didn´t know what to expect from the course that I have booked. My plan was to discover more about Yoga, not just the Asana-practice, which we, in the western world know as „Yoga“. From the first day on, the last doubts in my mind about the organisation and the course were blown away. I got an huge insight in the Yoga-Philosophy, Spirituality ‚Anatomy, Ayurveda, and Teaching, but the most important thing was, that I learned and found out a lot about myself. It was great to have one month to immerge totally into the whole world of Yoga and it was awesome how Akilesh guided us through the classes and our own processes. He is an amazing teacher and I felt really safe within the structure of the course. The whole ambience, the teachers, the food and the accomodation was great and I felt relieved, balanced after this month, furthermore I discovered the joy of teaching, which I share with my friends already now.

Mariana Huber  – Austria

stellabiliWhen I planned to visit India for the yoga course, my expectations were very low about the course.I didn’t have much to encounter in yoga and was open to learn new things regarding the philosophy, meditation and different yoga style. This course is intended for the individuals of all levels and educators here are splendid. They are dependably there for you in order to respond to your inquiries. In the wake of finishing the course all I can convey that, my desires are met and what so ever that you read on website it is no doubt. Presently I am once back to my nation of origin Greece where I delight in showing my loved ones to begin with. I would propose this course to all individual who needs to encounter yogic life and begin a yoga vocation. This is such an amazing experience and I bet you won’t get disappoint.

Stellabili Australia

By destiny I got to know Akhilesh in Switzerland. Here I realized quickly what a immense knowledge he has, what a deep connection to life of yoga he can communicate in a wise and easily digestible manner. It was no question a month in India with such a teacher would be fantastic. In this four weeks in Goa I experienced far more than ever expected: Akhilesh offered  a richness of different yoga classes, every morning a new form of meditation, every noon a deep going, but simple philosophy class and in the evening dance sessions, fullmoon chantings or what ever the group needed. Akhilesh guided and created this month with a lot of sensitivity of the whole group and of every single student, without losing his goal to give us a deep and complex understanding of yoga in all its aspects. Well networked to the yoga scene of India we could enjoy different teachers,yogis and babas. For all those who would like to immerse deeply down into the richness and complexity of yoga the Neoyoga teacher training give you the perfect chance. In this month I nourished my physical, mental and spiritual body in a manner a course in Switzerland never had been able to affect.
I returned home so balanced and relaxed, that my children belived I had a detox treatment in Goa……

Barbara EhratSwitzerland (Physiotherapist)

nicoleI have been drilling yoga on n off since I was 12 years, so clearly there is auspicious that attracts me to practice. In any case I never positively comprehended why. It was Akhilesh who takes me once again to the foundations of yoga and how it came to fruition and the reasoning behind the act of yoga. Since then, I got a profound understanding of physical culture in connection to being an educator and my own particular life voyage and practice toward oneself. So general Akhilesh has a splendid course structure also I knew that I have developed and learnt a considerable measure in the course in these recent weeks.You are truly a splendid educator/ master, that has an astonishing vibe. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world are attracted to you due to this. Both  the instructors Akhilesh  and Probodh present such a radiant Spiritual side of yoga that is excellent and educational.

Nicole – Australia

lucyThis course has enlivened, tested and also pushed me to get more content with physical practice, my other worldly and mental wellbeing. I have learned to live every minute whether you are in the state of stress or you are happy. It taught me that chasing to small things won’t make you successful instead you need to keep your inner soul calm. The instructors preparing had helped me pick up profitable information into the craft of yoga and its rationality. This course will surely help any individual who is intrigued by investigating yoga and extending their practises. I have perceived sensational distinction in my training and true serenity. All the more vitally, it has literate me craft of showing and being an educator, and keeps on inspiring me to take in more!


annaI adapted such a great amount of knowledge regarding all shades of yoga. Prabodh and Akhilesh  are both splendid and uplifting, living what they instruct. In the event that you are intrigued by the more extensive profound and philosophical shades of yoga that is a kind of course for you! It’s been a really enchanted month. Convenience: fabulous Food: Breakfasts amazing, snacks and suppers great, however that was all composite, it was marvelous. Contemplation morning: 7am was great. Dynamic contemplation (diverse reflection sorts) and outside were fun. I discovered contemplation hard however happy that we perform it. I took in a ton. Much obliged to you for being so patient. Morning Yoga was excellent and I felt that I got a considerable measure energetic. I would have appreciated each morning to have such a great deal of testing yoga to develop our quality. I preferred the assortment of yoga and asanas sorts.

Anna-Sarah  – Eyrich

I am truly delighted in this one month educator training with the Neo Yoga held in the year 2011. The course provides for you an extraordinary seeing about the foundations of yoga, Indian society and rationality. The Asana classes were quite motivating. There is a considerable measure of concentrate on arrangement, how to give directions and altering learners. Akhilesh has a great  experience and is exceptionally educated, however I think his greatest quality as an instructor is the way he peruses and deals with the gathering procedure and how he ad libs to give everybody simply what is required. The educators are exceptionally receptive and take well care of yours.
Gemma  – Holland

mallikaMy experience here at the yoga educator instructional class has been really brilliant. I am leaving this camp with considerably more than an educating endorsement. I have adapted such a great amount of regarding asana (postures), Vedanta rationality, and the yogic lifestyle. The educators were excellent and surpassed my desires. Akhilesh is extremely proficient and has an extraordinary comical inclination making classes profitable yet constantly cheerful and fun. I would prescribe this course to anyone intrigued by a yoga-reasoning course. I am feeling truly delighted after being a part of this camp, had lots of fun and I miss being a part of this in USA.

Mallika PenmestaUSA

ritaWhen you take a sight at things, occasions, you can take alternate point of view whether this month has provided for me something forever, I will, without any reasoning, say a big Yes. In terms of self-awareness and becoming closer to myself, not long from now has taken me far. On the off chance that I consider the capability viewpoint of about-facing and showing yoga, I saw this in an unexpected way. Akhilesh you already know for yourself that how long-term and commitment has taken you in order to achieve a level of a qualified instructing. It is my earnest conviction that its not conceivable to turn individuals with no uncommon preparing into legitimate yoga educators in a month. Thanks for being there and teaching us such wonderful things.

Rita Simonsen – Denmark


In the event if I’ve ever got stuck inside a broken lift I really trust that Akhilesh, my instructor would be beside me. The guy is a boundless wellspring of stories and all of those ends up in a fat chuckle. He is a genuine Yoga proficient who deciphers his life’s order with good cheer and grand Indian appeal. He radiates an ardor for yoga as well as a pledge to imparting that love to others. His showing style is as entertaining as it is thorough that makes his classes testing completely funny.  I would say he is purely a gem.
Anne Davison  – Canada

I’ve never needed to compose a testimonial for an educator, however I’m propelled to impart to any individual who is looking for a yoga instructor that they have discovered among the best. My instructor Akhilesh Brahmchari is truly a talented and uplifting instructor. His lovely nature and affection for giggling delivers the goods in the majority of his showing making even serious asanas or psyche boggling kriyas, a heavenly encounter. In my gathering of 25 persons educator preparing, I about constantly heard the saying “adoration” in any of the sentence that included “Akhilesh”. His educating is not difficult to love because he had an approach to vitalize story or practice.

Rose De AngeloUSA