About Neo Yoga Center

Neo Yoga Center is regarded as one of the best yoga school in India for imparting quality & comprehensive yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, Yoga teacher training in Goa and Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala.

Neo Yoga Center is an elite yoga training school based in the sacred holy & spiritual land of yogis in Rishikesh, India. Known for it’s traditional teaching methods, Neo yoga Centers excels in imparting certified Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasaya Yoga teacher training courses in various locations of India namely Rishikesh, Dharamsala & Goa. Besides regular teacher’s course, the center also offers courses in Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki healing and Yoga retreats in India & abroad from time to time.

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The center follows traditional style of teaching yoga that were incorporated by our spiritual gurus; Sivananda, Pattabi jois and BKS. Iyengar into our yoga teachings. We are highly influenced by BKS Iyenger, so props are included into our asana practices to ensure correct alignment and posture. Except for asana perfection using the props, our accent is on focus of mind and regulation of breath. Every asana is utilized as tools so as to guide you gain your usual meditative state. It will help focus your mind in more evocative ways which can deepen your practices. If your goal is to be a yoga instructor, you’ll become very sure with sequencing, guiding principles of breath movement and focusing and complete knowledge of eight limb of yoga as offered by Maharishi Patanjali through our philosophical class and different kinds of meditative session.

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Our Vision and Mission
We are here to impart the vision of Yogis (Rishis), and sages of yore, the teachings of which had been offered by our Yogis (Rishis), since centuries of Guru-disciples lineage. Freedom and self- discovery is our ultimate aim.

We aim to make Yoga teachers aware of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. These 8 limbs or steps are the core of Patanjali’s teachings and build a framework that helps us to recognize our true self. Our teaching focuses as much on the external Yoga practices (such as correct alignment of Asanas) as on the internal practices (such as one’s ethical standards, meditation and spiritual practices).

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We consider the practices of Ayurvedic living to be very important and so they must be combined together with yoga to accolade the advantages of yoga. We also have incorporated lots of teachings on science of Ayuveda. Our Yoga teacher training course are designed for those people who want to in deepen their present yoga practices, aspiring teachers and advanced students of all ages.

Besides these, we also have Bhajans and music at time of the Satsang and other inventive self-healing sessions. There will be a few inspirational guest yoga training teachers all through the course, teaching our morning sessions and that will give you a better experience of different styles of teaching.

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