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For Whom This Course is?

Yoga Is Journey to find myself in this material world. I may seek health through the yoga. I may seek peace or happiness through Yoga or I may be seeking yoga to find Job, but ultimately if you have not found yourself Yoga is not completed. We Humana are last since we left the first Home in Our mothers Womb, But all mothers have some womb where they came from. What the Ultimate womb? What the Ultimate source from where all have come, finding that source is YOGA.

Thus I want to invite all the people who have

Are just interest for self practice or deepening their practice or One who want to have certification for 500 Hours training.

This Course is basically for the participate who have completed 200 Hours basic training from any school, they can apply for this course . After Completing this course they would be called Advance YOGA teacher E-RYT according to Yoga Alliance USA.

I would encourage even who have not done 200 Hours they can also come for self-development.

We have Traditional teachers who have trained from the root But our approach would be Modified according to the Modern Mind, so you do not feel disqualified. That means we have seriousness and lightness during our Training’s.


Basic Syllabus

• Advanced asanas (Hatha Yoga tradition)
• Advanced asana techniques ofPatanjali and Ashtanga Yoga
• Human anatomy: skeletal, muscles, respiratory, digestive,nervous and hormone system
• Anatomy and physiology in relation to yoga: Prevention of illness etc.
• The different layers of the human body (Koshas)
• Pranayama – different breathing techniques (e.g. Kumbhaka & Kapalabhati)
• Meditation ( Traditional Gudied mediataion, Chakra meditation, Kundalini meditation,
dynamic meditations from the world of OSHO)
• Yoga Nidra (progressive relaxation)
• Chakra Systems (Energy centers)
• Bandhas (energy locks)
• Mudras (yogic gestures of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
• Trataka (focused view)
• Bhakti Yoga: Bhajans, Satsang, Kirtan
• Different orientations and teachers of yoga
• Yoga philosophy: Bhagavat Gita lectures and Vedanta Study

Learning and Teaching

Yoga Asana – learn more than hundred asana with thiere Modifications and application on the body.they all come from ancient Hatha Yoga yoga Traditions.


Learn Proper foundation of Yoga Asana to build up sequence of yoga Asana with out pain or suffering so you can feel safe and effective.


Learn the  applied Anotomy in asana practice. How yoga asana pracice effect diffrent Sysetm of our Body .


Sequencing is an art to build Energy fiend of the Physical and soluble  Body.

So you can flow and move from Posture to posture  effortlessly.

Hatha Yoga and Modern Yoga

Hatha Yoga is mother of all kind of Modern Yoga weather you call Vinyasa flow of Ashtanga or Power Yoga.

Learn Iyengar based Hatha Yoga  and Traditional Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa flow/ Therapeutic approach in yoga Asana.


Yoga Asana are part of Life style of Yoga, what the philosophy behind yoga?

What Patanjali want to communicate with Yoga Students we will Highlight main Sutra of Patanjali.


Learn Traditional Mantra . Kirtan and Bhajan for creating and fine Vibration for tuning brain and body. Creating a link between matter and Divine.


A technique to open the channels of subtle body.That can help to Lift your Body to The space like airplane is lifted in the sky due to the Air.

Nadi Shodhatan, Kaplabahti etc.


With our Meditation no Yoga Asana is complete .  learn Traditanil sitting mediation and Active Mediation from the world of OSHO Like Kundalani /No dimenation/ Nada bhrama ect.

Yoga Nidra Relaxation –

As pranayama and Meditation is part of Yoga practice so too Relaxation,with learning the art of relaxation you can not reach to Meditation.different technique.

Art of Teaching

How to communicate your skill to others so you can be a great teacher and medium of great Yoga Tradition. By sharing this Knowledge of Yoga to humanity you become

Vehchel of great teachers and Tradition.


Great Technique of Cleansing the Body in a Natural way so your energy channnals are open for better health and happiness.


Tuition fee Includes Accommodation ,Teachings and Yoga Manual.

Shared Room

$ 2950/- USD Tuition – Early bird discount 90 days before 2700USD { Discount for Old Students }

Private Room.

$ 3950 USD Tuition- Early Registration $ 3650 Before 90 days.

Arrival on 15th Sept 2018

Departure on 8th Oct 2018

Note- We have shorten the course to Cut down the Expenses so we will spend more time in Practice and training, we need Some Reading and Home work on your part before the course and after the course so you can have clear understanding of Advance Yoga teacher training.

Textbook and Materials

On the first day of training, students receive a complimentary 300-hour yoga teacher manual. Students will also be reading and referencing the following texts during the training. The required texts are listed below.


  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization, by David Frawley
  • Ayurveda: A Life in Balance, by Maya Tiwari.Light on Yoga, Bks Iyengar, Asana pranayama Mudra Bandha By Swami Satyananda, Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda

Theme of the day

Each day of the training, there is a specific theme that we explore. What makes this course special is that, as much as possible, we use the different types of practice to help us learn about our theme. In this way, students learn how to use the many techniques of yoga as tools for learning, growing and teaching. Yoga is most powerful when employed intelligently and consciously.


Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa,

Angkor High School road, 1.3km from Siem Reap French Quarter,

Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Telephone: +855 (0)63 964 864

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