Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

10 Days Divine Wisdom & Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

10 Days Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

Venue: Navutu Dreams Resort & wellness retreat, 1.3km from Siem Reap French Quarter

Join NeoYoga Centre Collaboration with Navutu Dreams Resort in their beautiful shala surrounded by greenery that will talk you into relaxation. There, you can read up on yoga breathing techniques and sequences to practice pranayama, the ideal complement to Hatha yoga. Do not miss the tasty homemade tea blends and the healthy menu that’s in store for you, along with the beautiful cottage accommodations that are the perfect place to relax and relieve stress.

We have designed this yoga retreat in Cambodia just for you from a short space from your busy life schedule to explore a full 10 days indulgent escape. Our yoga retreat in Cambodia package are very low price and high quality service our luxury place Navutu dreams adds some spice in this retreat.You can choose which accommodation you would like for your retreat based on your budget and personal preferences.

also we will do some short yoga in this retreat this will cover all aspects of traditional, holistic, authentic yoga. It will be taught according to the ancient scriptures and coupled with modern medical and scientific explanations. You will also experience the holistic practice of yoga involving all five aspects of the human system and also understand and feel the benefits of this integrated holistic practice at physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels.

  • Group yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, iyengar)
  • Silent and active meditations
  • Philosophy and theory classes
  • Assistance to develop your own personal practice
  • Energy healing sessions and massage therapy sessions
  • Evening fire ceremony and Bhajan singing on the full moon
  • 3 healthy vegan meals per day
  • 9 nights of accommodation
  • Learn from experienced and learn yoga teachers and instructors
  • Explore Navutu Dreams Resort and Wellness Retreat
  • Learn the art of teaching in different topics in yoga


Anyone who is looking to rejuvenate, enhance and deepen their yoga practice & want to explore cambodia’s real culture and beauty in a real traditional way may join this yoga retreat.


Divine Wisdom & Rejuvenating with Luxury Yoga Retreat


As part of a premium yoga retreat in cambodia program, Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Centre will provide all the support and guidance you need to reconnect, while giving you important personal space to reflect. Relax in the shade of yoga and meditation shalas and enjoy the daily professional classes taught by experienced teachers.

Indulge in deeply nourishing and tasty daily meals provided courtesy of the center, while sipping complementary, freshly brewed tea in the shade of the grounds. The retreat package encourages guests to retreat deeply, cultivating self-motivation, while developing or renewing your direction in life. Rediscover your true greater self and gain understanding by engaging in the dynamic yoga lifestyle offered.

The retreat is aimed at anyone wishing to sustain and cultivate a positive attitude towards life. You do not need any experience, only the willingness and positive attitude to look inside and experience the life-changing power you already possess within.

The retreat package incorporates daily group discussions and a full yoga program, while focusing on developing your inner tools, enabling you to create and maintain balance and harmony in your life, no matter what circumstances you may face.

Navutu Dreams Resort - Yoga School in Cambodia

Yoga School in Cambodia - Dates

7th July to 16th July 2019 $ 1250 USD (Shared Room)

$ 1650 USD (Private Room)

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Yoga Course Elements


Learn more than hundred Asana and their modifications and applications on the body. They all came from the ancient Hatha yoga traditions.


Learn the applied anatomy in Asana practice. How yoga Asana practice effect different systems of the body.


Sequencing is an art to build the energy field of the physical and double body, so you can flow and move from posture to posture effortlessly.


Hatha yoga is the mother of all kinds of Modern yoga whether you call it Vinyasa flow of Ashtanga or Power yoga. Learn Iyengar based Hatha yoga and traditional Hatha yoga / Vinyasa flow / therapeutic approach in yoga Asana.


Yoga Asana is part of the lifestyle of yoga. What is the philosophy behind yoga? What Patanjali wants to communicate with yoga students and he will highlight the main Sutra of Patanjali.


Learn traditional mantra. Kirtan and Bhajan will help in creating and fine the vibration for tuning the brain and body. Creating a link between matter and the divine


A technique to open the channels of the subtle body that can help to lift your body to space like how the airplane is lifted in the sky due to the air.


Without meditation no yoga Asana is complete. Learn traditional sitting meditation and active mediation from the world of OSHO.


As pranayama and meditation is part of yoga practice, so too is relaxation, with learning the art of relaxation you cannot reach to meditation.


This is a great technique of cleansing the body in a natural way so your energy channels are open for better health and happiness.

Neo Yoga India imparts seasonal yoga teacher training, yoga retreats and intensive workshops at our center at Dharamkot, a quite and serene village 2 kms from Mcleodganj tourist town. Mcleodganj is a small but bustling international center which blends flavors of Lhasa with elements of a modern Euro-American town in the setting of an Indian shepherds’ village.


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