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The NeoYoga School specializes in the various Yoga teacher training courses at various places across the world. The school welcomes freshers, intermediate as well as the experienced students to practice & learn yoga deeply. The highly-qualified professionals of NeoYoga always create the best learning environment for the students. The most famous styles of yoga offered by NeoYoga School are Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in various other parts of the world.

Neoyoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is positioned in between the foothills of the dignified Himalayas and resorts that are equipped with the serene which helps in the great practice of yoga.

Neoyoga in Dharamshala

In Dharamshala, you will get inspired by the Tibetan monks who practice deeply in the attractive & peaceful atmosphere of Dharamshala.

Neoyoga in Cambodia

Cambodia offers all the students to practice various styles of yoga in the beautiful and primitive retreat resorts that are equipped with the serene environment from all around.
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Our Conception

The environment provided by us in the school is completely spiritual which is helpful for letting the students know deeply about them. We welcome each and every yoga learner to visit our campus and know about our complete procedure. The qualified professionals always give attention to each and every individual which helps the students to learn all the concepts of yoga deeply.

We offer different kinds of classes like yoga, meditation, pilates, etc. that help people to overcome all the physical, emotional, and mental issues easily. To join us, make an appointment by contacting us and we will answer all your queries.

-  Akhilesh Bodhi, Neoyoga Founder & Yoga teacher

Akhilesh Bodhi
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We are the full-fledged community that involves a group of great coaches who help you to develop a base of your healthy living. Get consulted in free and join us for further classes. You will definitely see yourself as a better person than ever before.

More than 8 Classes for You

We offer various classes of yoga that provide various benefits. All the classes are arranged with the goal of nurturing students thoroughly. After completing the yoga course from our campus every student will achieve health, harmony, and spiritual growth. Book your seat now and get ready to experience the best yoga classes by our yoga expertise.
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Hallmarks of Neo Yoga

Neo Yoga is a community that provides yoga training to people coming from various corners of the world. It has become the foremost choice of people because of its various features which makes it unique from other yoga communities. Here we have mentioned some salient hallmarks of Neo Yoga.


The various yoga teacher training courses provided by Neo Yoga like 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours are certified by Yoga Alliance USA. You will be able to run your own yoga classes by getting certified at NeoYoga.


The community is equipped with the highly-skilled yoga teachers who have great experience in this field. These teachers always make the students learn everything in a productive manner and help them to apply the yogic principles in their real life.


Neo Yoga offers yoga classes at various places across the globe and benefits numerous people. Austria, Germany, Cambodia, Turkey, Spain, and Bali are the international places where Neo Yoga has become the choice of people.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Mikaela Lexell

Mikaela Lexell, Happy Client

My teacher training with Akhilesh was so wonderful and inspiring! I very much enjoyed his classes about yoga, yoga philosophy and life. His wisdom made it complete and gave amazing insights. Beautiful how he combines old knowledge from the east and the busy lives from the west.

Claudia Reekers

Claudia Reekers, Happy Client

My experience at the Kura Kura yoga retreat at Bali was fantastic. It was so rewarding and a true source of energy. Akhilesh is a man of integrity. He is such a warm person with whom I got a real connection. I felt one hundred percent safe in his presence, both in the personal context and during yoga.


Stellabili, Happy Client

When I planned to visit India for the yoga course, my expectations were very low about the course.I didn’t have much to encounter in yoga and was open to learn new things regarding the philosophy, meditation and different yoga style. This course is intended for the individuals of all levels and educators here are splendid.

Sarah Holly

Sarah Holly, Happy Client

Words cannot express what this month in India meant to me and how much I enjoyed every second. I really want to thank you Akhilesh from the bottom of my heart for what you gave to me – your wisdom, your chants, your laughs.

Mariana Huber

Mariana Huber, Happy Client

Before I came to India I was curious and I didn´t know what to expect from the course that I have booked. My plan was to discover more about Yoga, not just the Asana-practice, which we, in the western world know as „Yoga“. From the first day on, the last doubts in my mind about the organization and the course were blown away.

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